LXD hydraulic double tank thermoplastic preheater(gas and diesel type)

LXD hydraulic double tank thermoplastic preheater(gas and diesel type)

Product Detail

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it is   updated from the liquefied petroleum gas paint preheater,which has the   advantage of convenient,economical and high efficient. especially suitable   for the area with strong wind.


15PS   water cooled diesel engine with electric starting

Hydraulic   driving system

diesel   engine drive the stirring shaft to operate through gear pump,multipath   hydraulic control valve,overflow valve and hydraulic motor.

hydraulic   motor

BM   type

cubage   of hydraulic oil tank


cylinder   of preheater

the   body is made of stainless steel,and the bottom is made of boiler iron.

cylinder   capacity



frame   structure,double layer heat insulating material is fixed between inner   container and ektexine

heating   system

direct   injection burner(diesel oil and liquefied petroleum gas both can be used as fuel)

safety   device

specially   designed automatic overload protection device can protect hydraulic parts   from damage when overloaded.

Size   and weight

201018301630mm   ,1180kg

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